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Fry Fresh Canola Oil - The right choice
Canola oil, flax oil and olive oil all have healthyl properties, but canola oil may be the most versatile. Canola oil stands up to heat well unlike other oils, and it has a milder flavour, so it is an appropriate choice for almost any type of cooking.
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Cholesterol Free!
West Australian produced, our canola oil is not blended, and not genetically modifed. This is your guarantee from Fry Fresh supplying a healthier cholesterol free product.
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FREE Mobile Storage Unit

Our 250L is our most popular choice for businesses when it comes to stock control, safety benefits and easy manoeuvarbility. Mounted on wheels this unit can be wheeled to your fryer with ease, fitted with pumps it will eliminate waste, save time and best of all this unit is FREE all you pay for is your oil.

(Minimum Order 80Ltr per week)

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FREE DELIVERY! Bulk Tanker Service

Our friendly operator will call on a regular basis and ensure your storage unit is topped up giving you peace of mind so you can concentrate on more important matters.The truck is equipped with a computer to record the litres that are put in to your tank which is licenced and assessed by weights and messures.

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